Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ecole Dickinsfield School & Compost

Ecole Dickinsfield School is a composting school!

We have been a Waste Free Lunch school since 2012, and reduced our waste by 67%. (Check out our school's Waste Free Lunches)

Every day, students bring healthy lunches and snacks in reusable containers instead of disposable wrapping. We've reduced our waste by about 1200 big bags of lunch garbage a year.

After we started Waste Free Lunches, we did a waste audit and noticed we still had lots of apple cores and banana peels in our garbage can. We decided to start composting! 

With the help of a $10,000 A+ For Energy Grant from BP Oil, and support from the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, we were able to start composting. This website shows our experience!

Now our school has a garden, recycling pick-up, waste-free lunches, composting, and a water bottle filling station. We continue to grow in our environmental commitment. 

We have also been thrilled to be a leader in the green movement in Fort McMurray Public School District, through the Green Scene. Check it out!

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